Digital Rockwell cum Superficial Hardness Tester : Model : RASNET - 3
Digital Rockwell cum Brinell Hardness Tester Model : RASNEB - 3


This is motorized machine having automatic loading / unloading cycle suitable for production testing. The machine body is having a taper front look and large size read - out in the front. The machine is powder coated for better look. The paint shade do not fade and machine looks like new over years.

The elevating screw of machine is guided in a hardened and ground bush, not allowing movement of elevating screw more than 0.05 mm when raised to full height.The accuracy is retained for years together due to hardenedbush.

A hardened and ground stepped bush is fixed on top of main screw for location and rest surface. This guarantees no change in results due to rough handling of test table or test piece.It means a troublefree long life machine accuracy.

An antifriction linear bearing with almost no clearance is provided for a perfect vertical movement of loading plunger with minimum friction.

This enables testing of small dia. Pin or ball up to 3mm dia. These models are provided with automatic working cycle and digital LCD display with 0.1Rockwell resolution.

This insures productivity with better accuracy.
IS : 1586 (Part2) 2012 for Rockwell and Rockwell superficial test IS:1500 (Part2) 2013 for Brinell hardness test.


Rockwell, Rockwell superficial & Rockwell cum Brinell test consists of forcing an indentor (DiamondorBall)in to the surface of a test piece in two steps i.e. first with preliminary test force and thereafter with additional test force and then measuring depth of in dentation after removal of additional test force (Remaining preliminary test force active)for measurement of hardness value. RASNE series machines are suitable for Rockwell, Rockwell superficial & Rockwell cum Brinell tests. These are motorized digital Hardness testers having LCD display for easy hardness measurement.The results are displayed in 0.1 Rockwell unit for more accurate measurement.


Various parameterr of test can be set on front panel by operation or key board and observing LCD display Viz high / low limits, dwell time, auto / manual start, printer selection, scale selection etc. All set data can be verified edited by pressing SCL keyone after another.

Machine operation is very simple. The normal mode is a bar followed by "SET" indication. Raise elevating screw slowly through bar indication till "SET" position which will show "PRESSSTART" indication.

Now press "START" button. Loading / unloading cycle will be completed and hardness is show non LCD display with high / Good / Low indication. Lower down elevating screw.

Panel will show normal mode for next test. Also when required' AUTOSTART' set' AUTO START'on front panel by operation of keyboard & observing LCDD is play then raise elevating screw slowly through bar

indication till "SET" position then it will starts loading / unloading cycle automatically & hardness is shownon LCDD is play with High / Good / Low indication

Optional Accessories

Steel Ball Indenter 1/8", 1/4", 1.2" Testing table 200mm dia. Testing table 70mm dia. with V groove for round jobs 10mm to 80mm dia. Vari - rest to support odd shaped jobs. Jominy test fixture for end quench test. Gooseneck Adopter .No.1 l Special Diamond Indenter suitable for Gooseneck Adopter No.1. Short Nib Diamond Indenter suitable for Gooseneck Adopter No.1. Gooseneck Adopter No.2. Special Diamond Indentersuitable for Gooseneck Adopter No.2. Gooseneck Adopter No.3. Raised center testing table 15 mm dia. Diamond Spot Anvil Cylindron anvil for testing big jobs above 20mm dia. Eyeball anvil with 25.4mm dia. or 38mm dia. ball. Gooseneck anvil for pipes 5to25mm ID with 5mm step inserts. Jack rest for long and heavy jobs.